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XtraBond® 9500 Polyurethane

Our XtraBond 9500 Modified Polyurethane Sealant is now available in over 300+ colors. If we don't have it matched, we'll match it for you using our Custom Color Match system.

About XtraBond 9500
Why XB9500?

Color Plus Mixing Program

We now offer custom color matching and filling of virtually any color whether an Industry standard or a custom color, making us a dominate leader in the caulking & sealant industry

Color Plus Program

Ultra Clear Proof

XB9500UC - Ultra Clear
Ultra Clear XB9500UC

The definition of "clear" when referencing sealants is a bit obscure when based on industry standards. So how clear is clear? As a rule of thumb, "clear" siliconized latex caulks are initially white and become clear upon cure whereas silicone disperses as clear and cures as such, however, the term "clear" is anything but and when it's all said and done, and cured, the sealant for all intensive purposes ends up cloudy. "Clear" industry standards don’t exactly make the cut in high visibility sealing applications and with this understanding Premier Industrial has successfully formulated a truly clear option.

XB9500UC, following our hybrid polyurethane eco friendly line, offers an advanced clear formulation specifically designed for high visibility sealing applications making the choice Ultra Clear.

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Ultra Clear XB9500UC
Ultra Clear XB9500UC
Ultra Clear XB9500UC