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XtraBond® 9500 Polyurethane

Our XtraBond 9500 Modified Polyurethane Sealant is now available in over 300+ colors. If we don't have it matched, we'll match it for you using our Custom Color Match system.

About XtraBond 9500
Why XB9500?

Color Plus Mixing Program

We now offer custom color matching and filling of virtually any color whether an Industry standard or a custom color, making us a dominate leader in the caulking & sealant industry

Color Plus Program

High Speed Cartridge Filling

High Speed Cartridge Filling
Custom cartridge filling, no job is too small either.

Our new high speed cartridge filling equipment enables Premier to react quickly to our customers while forecasting plenty of growth.

Our Company packages all the XtraBond Products and will also entertain private label custom packaging should your company require its own brand. Quick clean and change over, with multiple hose and press configurations allows for precision filling while keeping our processes efficient, including low volume filling runs.

Hi Speed Cartridge Filling
Filling up to hudreds of cartridges in a single run.
High Speed Cartridge Filling
Hi speed filling machines filling and inkjetting in one shot.
High Speed Cartridge Filling
Packaging and directly to the shipping dept.