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XtraBond® 9500 Polyurethane

Our XtraBond 9500 Modified Polyurethane Sealant is now available in over 300+ colors. If we don't have it matched, we'll match it for you using our Custom Color Match system.

About XtraBond 9500
Why XB9500?

Color Plus Mixing Program

We now offer custom color matching and filling of virtually any color whether an Industry standard or a custom color, making us a dominate leader in the caulking & sealant industry

Color Plus Program

custom color matchingCustom Color Matching & Mixing

Premier Industrial Supply, Inc. now offers custom color matching and filling of virtually any color whether an Industry standard or a custom color. This is making Premier a dominate leader in the caulking & sealant industry. Custom Color Matching is available for the following products:

Custom Color Program

View our complete line of color matched sealants.

Available Custom Colors

Custom Color Matching

While it is common to find immediate availability of stock, on the rare occasion that your color is not a stocked item, we would be glad to custom mix it in quantities lowest in the industry. Our specialized custom colorizing process and mixing equipment assures that our sealants will be a perfect match each time. Simply send us a color swatch, substrate match or paint chip and we will custom match your color.

Product Mixing
Hi tech color scanner and computer programs to ensure accuracy.
Product Mixing
Matching your custom colors perfectly.
Product Mixing
Pigments and inks ready to blend to perfect the color match.

Download the Color Plus Program

Download the Color Plus Program

Product Mixing

Premier is equipped with some of the most modern, industrial mixing equipment around. We have the capability to mix small orders of 48 cartridges, to large orders of 20 palletes.

Product Mixing
Ready to go pigments to ensure the color blend.
Product Mixing
Custom color mixing to perfect the sealants' colors.
Product Mixing
Mixers work to make the perfect sealant.

Hi Speed Cartridge Filling

After we mix the product, we continue on to the Hi Speed Cartridge Filling Process.