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XtraBond® 9500 Polyurethane

Our XtraBond 9500 Modified Polyurethane Sealant is now available in over 300+ colors. If we don't have it matched, we'll match it for you using our Custom Color Match system.

About XtraBond 9500
Why XB9500?

Color Plus Mixing Program

We now offer custom color matching and filling of virtually any color whether an Industry standard or a custom color, making us a dominate leader in the caulking & sealant industry

Color Plus Program

VOC Regulations


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Solvent-based products produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the curing process. It is these compounds that

Determine If It’s VOC-Compliant

Adhesives are considered safe based on the amount of VOCs in them. The lower the VOC number, the more environmentally friendly that product will be. VOC content can be found on the product label or Material Safety Data Sheet.

Sizes Affected

voc complian logoStates that currently regulate VOC levels have restrictions for consumer products – 16 fl. oz. or less and all sizes of aerosols. Adhesives in sizes larger than 16 fl. oz. are still safe to sell except for certain parts of California, where  regulations differ.

How To Prepare For VOC Regulations

green printersIf you currently sell adhesives in a state that regulates VOCs, you have probably already switched to VOC-compliant adhesives. If you haven’t, you should be prepared for customer demand and/or state regulations. It is important to know that switching from a solvent-based product to a low VOC or a solvent-free product does not mean you will be compromising performance. In most cases, environmentally safe products perform just as well as their solvent based counterparts without negative environmental impacts.