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XtraBond® 9500 Polyurethane

Our XtraBond 9500 Modified Polyurethane Sealant is now available in over 300+ colors. If we don't have it matched, we'll match it for you using our Custom Color Match system.

About XtraBond 9500
Why XB9500?

Color Plus Mixing Program

We now offer custom color matching and filling of virtually any color whether an Industry standard or a custom color, making us a dominate leader in the caulking & sealant industry

Color Plus Program

Premier's Green Advantage Program

Eco-Mission Statement

green advantagePremier Industrial Supply, Inc. (Premier) is committed to not only excellent products and services, but also the environment. We strive to be a leader in the global quest to be a "green" user of this planet and it's environment.

The Program

The world is changing in its recognition on the effects of the construction industry on the environment. There is a genuine increase in the awareness and supply of "green" goods, services, and standards within the construction industry. eco-friendly logo

Premier Industrial, Inc. is leading the way in providing products and solutions that follow these standards. Premier is committed to developing our products and standards consistent with the progression of an "eco-friendly" world.

How are we Green?

There is no single definition of what being "Green" means, but we understand the value of a more environmentally responsible attitude and practices. We are following the lead of two nationally accepted standards in the building industry

Premier Industrial's Green products will meet and exceed the "green" standards set forth by these, and many more new and existing standards.

Two Main Points

Our "Green" series of sealants & adhesives are beneficial to the environment at two levels:

  • Minimizing the adverse effects pollutants have on the environment
  • Increasing a building's efficiency.

voc complian logoIncreasing a building's efficiency is made possible by reducing the amount of heat loss (or intrusion) by sealing cracks, seams, and other openings. The environmental effect reduction is made possible by our extremely low VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels. All Premier's "Green" products have VOC levels less than that required by the national standards. To learn more have a look at our "VOC Regulations" Summary.

Beyond the Obvious

Not only do the products listed above follow a "green" standards, we at Premier Industrial Supply go beyond the obvious. For instance, the plastic tubes/cartridges that our sealants and adhesives are filled in are made with post-recycled product, and we encourage our customers to follow a "recycling" program.

Next, our "attitudes" are consistent with green and eco-friedly practice, and we encourage our staff, staff, suppliers and distribution force to follow suit. We even have recently changed some of our suppliers to those who meet these standards.

Still more?
green printersEven much of our marketing material and printed products that utilize eco-friendly practices. For instance, one of our large printers uses environmentally friendly "soy inks" as opposed to the traditional petroleum-based inks. They also use very low to zero VOC coatings, where hazardous AQ and UV were the norm in older and "cheaper" print methods.

To Be Continued

As the environment needs us more every year, Premier Industrial is on the constant lookout to be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you have any comments, feedback or better, any ideas, please contact us . . . we'd love to hear from you!